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Standard Specifications

Product Specifications

Below you will find a list of standard residential and commercial specifications. Unless otherwise noted on your proposal, this is the material as specified that will be used to make up your your new gutter system.

The machinery we use to make the gutter represents the latest in technology and will form 5 and 6" K-style seamless gutter.

 Standard hidden hangers are included in all of our packages and are placed aproximately every 24 inches to ensure long term system stability.    

Standard Residential Specifications

  • 5" .027 Gutter
  • 3" .019 Downspout
  • 3" .019 Elbow
  • 5" .019 Box miter
  • Hidden Hangers

Standard Commercial Specifications

  • 6" .027 Gutter
  • 4" .019 Downspout
  • 4" .019 Elbow
  • 6" .027 Box Miter
  • Hidden Hangers

Premium Up-Grade Specifications

  • .032 Gutter
  • .024 Downspout
  • .024 Elbows
  • Strip Miters
  • Stainless Screws
  • Custom Miters


Hidden Hangers

We spare no expense to ensure that your properly maintained gutter system will endure all normal elements and function properly for many years.  We utilize hidden hangers in all of our gutter systems.         

Our standard hidden hanger is one of the strongest hidden hangers of it's type. It has been tested and has not pulled loose at up to 200 pounds of pull pressure. 

Pay very close attention to what type of hanger is being used for your gutter system.While being the single most important factor in determining how long the gutter system will last, it is also one of the first areas affected when it comes to cutting cost.     

      Added Value:

  • Screws into the fascia board, preventing it from backing out.
  • Will not split your fascia board when installed.
  • Offers lasting support for ladders, etc.
  • Maintains a fantastic look


Standard Hidden Hanger
Supreme Hidden Hanger
Commercial Hanger