Gutter Protection Hotline

Consumers, if you are considering the purchase of a gutter protection product and would like to research, ask questions about, and review the many different types of gutter protection that have popped up over the last ten years, bookmark or link to this site.


Consumers, ask as many questions as you like, you can also submit products for review if you like. Manufacturers are also encouraged to submit their Gutter Protection Products for review. If you are A manufacturer and you wish to submit a gutter protection product for review, please send enough sample material for us to conduct several test.


Consumers will receive a response to their question(s) within 48 hours. For reviews, manufacturers and/or consumers will receive a preliminary report within 30 days. At that time the manufacturer and/or consumer will also be informed of whether or not the product has passed the initial phase of the examination and if a new product, whether or not further testing will be required. Manufacturers, do not send samples for testing if you do not agree to have the findings posted on this and other web sites.

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